Santa was Sleeping

There’s a small town named the North Pole. The post office here was very busy during Christmas time because children’s letters addressing to Santa were sent and processed here. Adventurer Jr. III said that Santa lived in Santa Clause House and he wanted to see him. The first thing Adventurer Jr. III said after he got in the house was where’s Santa? Mr. Adventurer told him that Santa was sleeping. So he turned to me and said shhhh, be quiet, Santa was … Continue reading >>

Denali National Park and Preserve

We stopped at the visitor center and I saw the person worked there was armed. Hmmm, I wonder why. There were some exhibits. We also watched a video about the beautiful scenery year-round and the culture before we left. In the summer there’s a bus tour that would take you to the top of the mountains for enjoying the views. But this service was not available in winter due to safety issues. However, people could drive to a low overlook that’s still … Continue reading >>

Sarah Palin, we were in Wasilla, AK

Yeap, and I have a picture to prove it: We only stopped there to grab this picture because of you. I saw you on the TV years ago. You were the youngest and first female governor of Alaska in 2006 and John McCain’s running mate in 2008 presidential election. I’m not into politics, so this is as far as I’d write. Beautiful mountains and trees on our way to Fairbanks: Next in the series: Visiting Denali National Park and Preserve … Continue reading >>

Arriving at Anchorage, AK

We’d decided that we’d stick with the airlines from the States for safety reasons and better service. We took United Airlines for this trip. They only served drinks for refreshments, any food or snacks you wanted, you had to pay for it. Had we known that, we’d have brought more food on board as a personal item because they cost more than buying at a supermarket. We were sitting in the wing area, but we didn’t get the window seats. Here’s … Continue reading >>

Alaska Trip Prep

This spring, we are traveling to Alaska! It’s still months away, I know. But I can’t hide my excitement. In order to make it a trip of a lifetime, proper planning is a must, especially since it’s still pretty cold in Alaska. So the utmost priority is to keep us warm so we are still in the mood to explore. We’ll keep our body dry to prevent heat loss and wear 3 layers of clothes for warmth. We’ll have Waterproof … Continue reading >>

2013 Detroit Tournament and beyond

12-8-2013 We arrived back from Detroit this early afternoon. Home sweet home. Adventurer Jr. also had a meeting for Science Olympiad this afternoon and Adventurer Jr. II had a bird painting scheduled as well. Yesterday, we arrived at the tournament at 1 PM and stayed until 7 PM. I have to say, Adventurer Jr. division’s competition is tough. Many competitive kids are in this group, including kids from Costa Rica. We should have good fights next year as well. Adventurer … Continue reading >>

Detroit Trip Prep

12-2-2013 We are planning on driving to Detroit to watch a Tae Kwon Do tournament this weekend. We’ve already booked a hotel, one that provides free continental breakfast. I’ll also prepare some finger food for us on the road. It seems colder this winter, so we also need to bring extra winter clothes. Sounds like I have things in order, right? Until something happens… … Continue reading >>