2014 USA Taekwondo National Qualifier in Indiana

We drove 5 hours to Indiana for Adventurer Jr.’s state qualifier (2014 Indiana State Championships). It’s a whole day wasted at the tournament site. He got the first place like a piece of cake because no one was in his division. And there’s no one to do an exhibition fight with him. Yeah, bummer. I wish they have these guidelines for USAT national qualifier hosts:

  • If there’s only one competitor in a division, the hosting school is obligated to arrange for this competitor to have at least one exhibition fight with a compatible person who doesn’t have to be registered for the USAT national qualification event. If the school can’t fulfill it, a 50% refund should be given to said competitor.
  • The opening ceremony of any USAT national qualifier should be limited to 10 minutes max. On the competition day, the opening ceremony should start immediately after the weigh-in. E.g., If the weigh-in is scheduled from 8 am to 930 am, the opening ceremony should start at 931 am pronto.
  • After a USAT national qualifier competition is completed, an on-line survey should be sent to all competitors and their parents if they are juniors for quality control of the event and satisfaction of the participants. There should be a question in the survey soliciting for ranking of the overall event on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. The hosting school who gets an average of equals to or less than 5 rating, shouldn’t be allowed to host the next USAT national qualifier event.

Nevertheless, he is qualified to go to the nationals, and the medal is all he got to show for 10 hours on the road and 8 hours sitting at the competition site.

The medal

The medal

He will go to Eric Rose Memorial Championship next month to have some real fights. Possibly another fight.

Total Cost: Would’ve Cost: $455.85; Actual: $355.85

  • USAT Membership: $35
  • Competition Fee: $90
  • Spectator Fee: $8
  • Dae do E-Foot Protector: $70 from his school. $65 if bought at the tournament site. Should’ve waited. Paid $5 more. Here only sales for $59.
  • Gas: $80
  • Toll: $42.85
  • Food: $30
  • Hotel: Would’ve Cost: $100; Actual: Free


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