Veni, Vidi, but no Vici the Wild West of Arizona, Nevada and Utah

The Experience

Financial Implications: Would’ve Cost: $4,538.81+, Actual Cost: $1,039.81 including souvenir

  • Round trip airplane ticket x 5 = $1,500+, cost us 0
  • Day One: Would’ve Cost: $443.05, Actual Cost: $124.05
  • Day Two: Would’ve Cost: $285.12, Actual Cost: $194.12
  • Day Three: Would’ve Cost: $237.05, Actual Cost: $77.05
  • Day Four: Would’ve Cost:$953.99, Actual Cost:$653.99
  • Day Five: Would’ve Cost: $165.03, Actual Cost: $56.03
  • Day Six: Would’ve Cost: $388.38, Actual Cost: $128.38
  • Day Seven: Would’ve Cost: $397.91, Actual Cost: $137.91
  • Day Eight: Actual Cost: $158.28
  • Misc tips for shuttle drivers: $10
  • We would get $500 credit from a Chase card

Mr. Adventurer and I had decided to not skimp on food, and educational tours before the trip. I think we have done very well. We had a grand vacation without burning a big hole in our pockets.

General Impressions

  • I saw and learned a lot.
  • Once again I realized how powerless human was compared to nature.
  • It seemed that survival gear is a must for the Wild West.
  • Applying copious amount of sunscreen with a minimum FPS of 50 as well if you don’t want to get skin cancer, and the most common skin cancer is on the face.
  • Preparing plenty of water and food.
  • Having a dependable car. I truly appreciated our rental car, not because it’s a BMW, but because it’s new and I believed a new car was more dependable than older ones. I did feel safer in a non-compact car as well.
  • A satellite phone was a must while out in the desert by oneself.
  • Between cities/towns, it’s pretty desolate with just deserts and cacti.
  • RV parks were abundant.
  • Night life, Casino, shopping mall and heat pretty much summed Lost Wages up. The highest temperature was 120ºF when we were there. There’s nothing meaningful you could do in the day, except if you are a gambler and think gambling is meaningful. Winter in Lost Wages is tolerable between 60’sºF and 70’sºF. Everywhere you went you’d must see at least one casino. Slot machines were everywhere, even in gas stations. Also people smoked in casinos, the air quality wasn’t good.
  • There was a big population of Spanish-speaking people in Lost Wages.
  • Lost Wages was very ordinary in day light in my eyes.
  • The views were picturesque and spectacular in Zion National park, Lower Antelope Canyon, Glen Canyon, and Grand Canyon. However, there were so many ways a person could perish by accident.
  • In-N-Out burgers were good values compared to McDonald’s. We ate In-N-Out burgers several times during the trip and we never were fans of burgers and each joint was the busiest burger place that I had ever seen.
  • You couldn’t live out there without a working Air Conditioning system in the summer. We survived just fine last year without it back home. But good luck with that in the Wild West.
  • Speed limit is mostly 75 miles per hour, that’s 10 miles more than my neck of woods.
  • Many Native Americans in Page, Arizona.
  • Sales Tax on our receipts was 8.15% in Las Vegas, Nevada; 8.2% at Dallas airport; 9.35% in Kingman, Arizona; 10.9% in Page, Arizona. The variations intrigued me, so I googled and found this official tax rate statistics across the states.
  • Everyone got a souvenir for this trip but me. It’s not done on purpose, it’s just there’s nothing that I wanted to buy. However, I have all these beautiful pictures and memories.
  • All in all, it’s a great experience! The heat was too much for me in the summer. Plus the drought wasn’t helping either. Without water, I’m not sure how could a civilization survive. These were nice destinations to visit but not live longterm. One of my friends from California visited me last year and told me that they were rationing water in that state. I didn’t quite get it back then, now I could totally relate.

Lessons Learned

  • We didn’t bring enough blankets for the airplane rides and the airports. These places were pretty cold during summer.
  • It seemed that American Airlines and United Airlines were on-time most of the times, whereas Southwest had delays often. When booking future trips, we should avoid Southwest if we can.
  • I noticed the takeoffs and landings were very smooth for this vacation. I wasn’t sure whether it’s due to the airplanes, the pilots, the airports, or the positions where we were sitting relative to the airplanes.
  • Most of the airplanes were at full capacity except one United Airlines that had two or three empty seats.
  • The best time to book flights is 1 am EST on Wednesdays.
  • The memory foam travel pillows were too hard and uncomfortable. We’ll buy the small beads filled travel pillows for our European trip.


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