Yoga Class


After eating breakfast, I took Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II to the pool. They swam, while I took Yoga class in the group exercise room.

We did a lot of twisting during class today. Marichyasana, also called Marichi’s pose, means “ray of light”. Ardha Matsyendrasana is also known as “half lord of the fishes” pose. They stimulate the spine and digestive system. We also practiced Trikonasana, or Triangle pose; Parighasana, also called Gate pose; Virabhadrasana II, a more common name is Warrior II pose. They strengthen extremities and the chest. Instead of the standard Tree pose, we did 3 modified Tree poses with the lifted leg in front, behind, and to the side of the body. Also, we practiced the usual poses: Child pose, Down Dog and Up Dog.

My mind and body were as free as possible during the session. And I appreciated the quiet time that I was able to treat myself. There are other group classes covered by my membership as well and being efficient/frugal/cheap as I am, how could I not try out the other ones that fit my schedule? I decided to stick with just the Yoga classes however, because I like the instructor and her teaching style. Her teachings were very elaborate and precise. Also, her tone of voice is calming. Most importantly, she not only demonstrates but also walks around to correct people. I was corrected a lot when I started Yoga in July. Now, she rarely corrects me. I guess I’m getting better.


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